North Charleston Ads from Circa 1915

The below ads were in the local paper from the North Charleston development company that was actively developing the area commonly referred to today as Noisette/ Park Circle area.  In short, these were for the initial residential lot offerings and showed North Charleston as a modern suburban lifestyle option.  I think they came pretty close to saying “A great place to work, live and play” in one of the ads.  Glad to see the vision is still intact today!  The initial planning for the area represented a bold effort to build a new city on the neck. Initial settlement and migration took place around 1915 when the GARCO company came to town and later in 1936, the paper mill.  WWI, then the Great Depression left their marks and while there was a period of stagnation, WWII provided a boost unlike the area had ever seen before.  The resolution is a little blurry but pretty interesting nonetheless.  Enjoy!  Click Categories and then History on the Right side of the screen for more history related info on the area.


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