Six Degrees of Separation Part 6 – Connecting Noisette to the Masters Tournament

Part 5 of this series brought us to Berckmans Nursery in Augusta Georgia.  The Berckmans hired Marquis for the design of North Charleston in 1914.  The Berckmans home was known as Fruitland Manor and now is the Augusta National Clubhouse.  In 1931, golf Champion Bobby Jones and his business partners created the club and golf course.  The two sons of Prosper Berckmans, assisted in the landscape design of the golf course.  Many of the plant varieties developed and improved by the Berckmans family still grow today at Augusta National.  Many plants like the azaleas and wisteria can be found in the design of Augusta National and  the North Charleston Park Circle area and enjoyed today.  The connection goes back almost 100 years and some prior history was necessary to get us from the 1st degree on.  I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride and the connecting stories!

Six Degrees Summary:

Part 1 – 1600’s-1865 North Charleston Area History

Part 2 – 1872-1902 – Plantations, Parks and the Navy

Part 3 – 1912 – Local development Group Crafts Vision for New Urban Community

Part 4 – 1914 – Landscape Architect William Marquis plans Park Circle Area

Part 5 – 1914 – William Marquis hired by the Berckmans Group out of Augusta Georgia

Part 6 – Wrapping it all up to the Masters and kicking off the weekend of play

This concludes our “Six Degrees of Separation blog from the Noisette Community to the Masters Tournament”.  Everyone enjoy the weekend, the golf and the Noisette Community!


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