Six Degrees of Separation Part 5 – Connecting Noisette to the Masters Tournament

Part 4 of this series saw us discuss William Marquis and his plan for the Park Circle area located in the Noisette Community of North Charleston.  The connection to the Masters Tournament is becoming more apparent and the previous post held a clue located in the bottom rt corner of the map in the form of text, “PJ Berckmans Co Augusta GA.”  Berckmans Nursery aka Fruitland was the first large scale horticultural nursery in the South East US.  Founded in 1858 in Augusta GA by Louis Berckmans.  In addition to their nursery business, landscape design and community planning seemed a natural fit.  The grounds later would become the site of the Augusta National Golf Club.  Fruitland Manor was the Berckmans family home.  The Berckmans were selected to design North Charleston around 1914 and they selected the young William Marquis as their main man.  I’m a little biased but I think he did a pretty good job!

Six Degrees Summary Thus Far:

Part 1 – 1600’s-1865 North Charleston Area History

Part 2 – 1872-1902 – Plantations, Parks and the Navy

Part 3 – 1912 – Local development Group Crafts Vision for New Urban Community

Part 4 – 1914 – Landscape Architect William Marquis plans Park Circle Area

Part 5 – 1914 – William Marquis hired by the Berckmans Group out of Augusta Georgia

Part 6 – Coming soon…Wrapping it all up to the Masters and kicking off the weekend of play


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