Six Degrees of Separation Part 4 – Connecting Noisette to the Masters Tournament

We’re getting closer to the opening rounds of the Masters and today we’re discussing the 1914 plan of North Charleston developed by William Bell Marquis.  Marquis was a young, Harvard trained architect.  He was to take the vision created by Rhett and his group (Part 3 of this series) and make the vision a reality.  The plan for North Charleston represented a bold effort to build a new city on the “neck.”  The plan would draw on planning principles of the Progressive Era, including the environmental aesthetics of the City Beautiful and Garden City movements.

The below map is a general map that holds a clue to connecting this series to Augusta and the Masters.  Can you figure out the next connection?

Six Degrees Summary Thus Far:

Part 1 – 1600’s-1865 North Charleston Area History

Part 2 – 1872-1902 – Plantations, Parks and the Navy

Part 3 – 1912 – Local development Group Crafts Vision for New Urban Community

Part 4 – 1914 – Landscape Architect William Marquis plans Park Circle Area

Part 5 – TBD…Teaser…Who hired William Marquis?


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