Six Degrees of Separation Part 3 – Noisette to the Masters Tournament

Part 3 of this series brings us to the North Charleston area around 1912.

The North Charleston Development Corporation was instrumental in master planning the current day Park Circle and surrounding areas into an integrated live, work, play community.  They were influenced by the Garden City concept which originated in England and championed by Ebenezer Howard.  The area to be developed was in between the present day Noisette and Filbin creeks and was where emerging industrial, naval and shipyard organizations were setting up shop.

In 1912, a group of residents of Charleston purchased appx 5000 acres in the “neck area”.  This was the most ambitious development project in the lowcountry.  It was a local project, using local capital, with local citizens being the vital players.  This group was comprised of accomplished individuals such as Rhett, Montague, Durant, Buist, Hyde and O’Hear.  Rhett was the key visionary in this master planning of the area.    Rhett believed that the industrial and agricultural sectors could be bound together in a new environment, a new urban form which became known as the New South Garden City.  The founding principle was that anyone working in North Charleston may live upon their own farm and grow their own food while living close to work.  Truly sustainable living, which we currently are seeing a movement back to these roots.  The area, in one grand scope of development strategically looked to bring our railroad and shipping terminals together where business would naturally occur.  At fair market rates, sites for factories, villages for employees and suburban type residences were planned.

The creation of a garden landscape was important to the developers.  The plan was based on a hub and spokes of a wheel.  The next step was to find a planner that could design and work with the vision set forth by this local group.  Stay tuned for the details of this process as we get closer to connecting the Noisette community to the Masters tournament.


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