Six Degrees of Separation Part 2

In this second installment of connecting the Noisette community with the Masters tournament, we will be following a timeline of events crucial to the formation of the area in North Charleston known as the Noisette Community.  The post Civil War time period saw the area begin to transform into a critical social, economical and industrial alternative to the established City of Charleston on the lower peninsula.

  • 1872 – The City of Charleston ended roughly 3 miles from the Battery, the “neck area” was largely made up of freed slaves that purchased small tracts of land for small farms.  Liberty Hill community was established circa 1871 by freed slaves.  This area also employed a significant number of freed slaves in the phosphate rock and timber industry.  Phosphate rock was used in fertilizer and these industries began the transformation of the area into a major industrial area for the lowcountry.
  • 1895 – Board of Park Commissioners of City of Charleston purchased nearly 600 acres of Retreat Plantation bordering Cooper River.  Today, this area is known as Chicora Gardens, the Noisette Preserve and Riverfront Park.
  • 1896 – City names Park – Chicora Park.  Famed Olmsted brothers were hired for design.  Existing Turnbull Plantation was incorporated into their plan
  • 1897 – Railway company built a passenger station and extended tracks from downtown to Chicora Park.  A bandstand was built, along with a dance pavilion and a small zoo.  Chicora Park represents Charelston’s first effort to plan the North area as well as its first substantial experience with professional landscape architects
  • 1899 – Land acquired for golf course
  • 1900 – City begins pursuing Port Royal Naval Station Relocation
  • 1902 – Construction of shipyard begins with the largest pier and dry dock on the East Coast of the U.S.

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