The Michaux Promenade at the Noisette Preserve

The Michaux Promenade is one portion of a larger rails-to-trail strategy within the 3000 acres. However, because of its position, it offers unique opportunities for strategic linkages and economic stimulus. From west to east, the Promenade has the potential to build a unique multi-modal connection for the community, and enhance recreational potentials of the Noisette Preserve.

The Intersection of Durant, Rivers and the Michaux Promenade offers promise of renewed stimulus and vitality, building on strategies described elsewhere in the Master Plan. Drawing form the personality of the Historic Iron Dog Area, this node will stimulate new development, embracing sustainable principles, higher expectations for urban form, and mixed-use diversity. The south side of the existing shopping center east of the Durant / Rivers intersection will be the starting point of the promenade, bringing new economic opportunities for visitor services. Additional municipal parking will be integrated at strategic points along Preserve crossings.

To the east, the promenade serves as a launching point for woodland paths into strands of oak forest. Farther east, the Michaux promenade crosses South Rhett, and a proposed interpretive site, additional civic parking and launching points for preserve trails. Continuing on, the Michaux Promenade become more to open to vistas, lowlands, and marsh. The O’hear crossing offers the p0ossibiliy to move over the Noisette again, or continue on. Shortly after, it becomes elevated over a north tributary of the creek. A new bridge and extension to Noisette Boulevard ties the Promenade to the larger north and south bike path system. The final extension to the cooper river will flank the norther gateway, also making a connection with the North Charleston Riverfront Park.

The proposed Michaux Promenade would run from Rivers Avenue to Noisette Boulevard. It will be part of an extinsive greenway and parkway network conecting the entrie community.

Existing conditions of an unused line looking east.

The same abondond line after undergoing refurbishment.



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2 responses to “The Michaux Promenade at the Noisette Preserve

  1. Leah

    This post has me really excited. Sounds like a similar project in Dunedin/Clearwater, FL where I used to live. The old rail-lines made for perfect trails and the outcome was the most beautiful trails I’ve ever ridden. Does anyone know an approximate timeline? Continued updates on this project would be most appreciated!

  2. Sir Geoffrey

    It is exciting! Glad you are interested in updates. This rails to trails vision is a partnership between the Michaux Conservancy, the City of North Charleston and the Navy Yard at Noisette. The overall vision will take time to come to full fruition but progress towards that vision is on-going and continues to be a long term goal of the overall Noisette Community master plan adopted by the City. This blog will continue to be a great source of info so, keep in touch. Any other questions, please let us know. Thanks!

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