Park Circle: The Vision of Tomorrow

The Master Plan Proposal seeks to increase the potential of park circle as both as as symbolic center, and functional parkland. This is achieved by rethinking the distribution of the space, and the relationships of the parts to the whole. Rather than a singular central space surrounded by eight passive buffer parks, the plan proposes the creation of a smaller central space (Reserved for symbolic value) and four more usable larger parks. These four parks will have individual character and be thoughtfully designed to respect the privacy of the adjacent residences. As such, landscaping will be added, lighting will be carefully placed, and no access to civil parking lots will occur on the existing outer roads.

These parks will connect more directly to the nighboring community. The new layout provides a safer perdestrian environment by placing the major functions of the outer sections  of the park more closely related the nighborhoods. Park Users will not need to cross through-traffic  at the circle, except for sppecial events. In these cases, the road could be closed, re-directing traffic around outer square, allowing the street itself to become an extension of the public space. At these times the outer road will handle traffic wile also accomodating on-street parking.


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